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Coogee Chemical remedial civil works

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EarthRam has been awarded a contract at Coogee Chemical to undertake remedial civil works at the CAT terminal.

The works are undertaken in three phases, the first of which is now completed successfully. This phase required the removal of old concrete sump and liner, the removal of 15 cubic meters of concrete, removal of 40 cubic meters of contaminated sand and 100mm PVC drainage system.

EarthRam installed a 150mm drainage system covered with drill pack encased in geotextile wrap and river stand material to allow maximum drainage. The HDPE sump liner was successfully installed at the same time as the concrete was poured.


Industrial excavation

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EarthRam has the capacity to undertaken projects at all levels of industry.

In this case we are exploring the validity of the substrate mass and concrete slab condition of a local manufacturer. The exploratory exercise will be followed with appropriate remedial works.

EarthRam is contracted to undertake the project management under the direction of APM Pty Ltd.

Mailbox supply & installation


Another baby step towards improvement of your environment and home.

Selection and installation of an item such as a mailbox is simple, or so you would think. It’s remarkable how many times an item as this can ruin the theme you are trying to create. Installation too can have a negative impact if it’t not completed correctly.

Apartment roof


Because of the space constrictions I had to build my roof in-situ so as to accomodate the required fall of the roof, which is 3 degrees.

I built the roof on the footprint of the building which provided the dimensions. To accomodate the 3 degree fall I jigged it up, and as you can see it worked out very well.

Once it was all fitted and bolted up and I was happy with the outcome, I dismantled it and stored it away until I finish the walls, after which I will simply erect it on the wall plate.