For all exterior & interior improvements and maintenance of your home including, painting, cleaning, replacing of used or damaged fences, and general improvements.


For all your Rammed Earth construction, concrete construction, bricklaying, tiling, and paving. Maintenance of commercial premises and private residence.

recent projects

Roof trusses and purlin pre-construction is safer and economically sound when undertaken on the ground. It is built on the footprint of the building and with the accurate angles for the final roof pitch.


Murray district hospital mechanical workshop has an asbestos roof. EarthRam has won the contract to remove, and dispose the old asbestos roof as required by law. EarthRam has replaced the outdated and dangerous asbestos roof with very attractive and effective 35mm shale grey colour bond steel roof. The work was completed on time and on budget.


Polished concrete floors are a beautiful modern day treatment for your floors. Polished concrete means an end to dust mites, dust of the slab, and aggravation though airborne dust particles. Polished concrete process, is a once done forget about it treatment of your floor.


No matter what size or configuration we can build it for you at a reasonable price. For a professional assessment of your needs and best price in Perth call EarthRam.


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